In response to Amiri Decree No. 13 of 2021 regarding the fire smart monitoring system, and in embodiment of the governĀ­ments vision to raise the level of security and safety and protect individuals and properties, WEQAYAH project was launched in the Emirate of Ajman.

WEQAYAH program connects all fire alarm systems in commercial, industrial, and professional buildings, facilities, and warehouses in Ajman with a smart system that monitors the fire panel at all times (24/7). The system transmits all events from the control panel through wireless technology to the control command center for rapid response in the event of fire emergency.

How It Works


The system transmits all events in the control panel through M2M wireless technology to the control center for rapid response in the event of any kind of fire.

The system allows employees of the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) to check whether the alarm is true or false in less than 70 seconds.

Then, the civil defense teams are informed of the warning after verifying its validity within few seconds, and the civil defense is provided with information and coordinates of the site, and accordingly, the response to these incidents becomes faster and more effective.


The owner of the building or his representative is required to complete the following:

  1. Register in WEQAYAH system and pay the fees
  2. Schedule an appointment to visit the facility by WEQAYAH technical team
  3. Submit a valid maintenance contract with a company licensed by Ajman Civil Defence, for the Fire Alarm System
  4. Ensure the availability of Fire Alarm maintenance team when WEQAYAH technical teams visit the facility


The fees for WEQAYAH System is AED 4,200. The system includes:

  1. Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the alarm transmission equipment (ATE)
  2. One year of free maintenance
  3. Two free Assessments to determine if the property is ready to be connected to WEQAYAH Central Monitoring Station
  4. Monitoring the building (24/7)

* The fees of maintenance will be AED 1,575 starting the second year onwards